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"Insights from Spyder's website audit service helped us make improvements to our Search Engine Ranking. We're seeing a marked increase in traffic and average session duration, highly recommended"
Keith Foong
Head of Marketing,
Thai Waterline System Co., Ltd.

A Driven Digital Marketing Agency in Bangkok

With a combination of experience, vision, drive and collaboration, Spyder brings an honest and clear approach to digital marketing that benefits every business. We want to understand you and whatever we suggest as digital marketing strategy is constructed around your brand. To us, digital marketing is an all-encompassing concept that is involved in all aspects of your business. Which is why, we believe that our digital marketing agency in Bangkok needs to do more than just work independently of your business. We want you to feel that we are part of your team. All our activities in digital marketing are open to you. There are no closed doors, no confusing answers and no hidden data. Get in touch with us today for a free digital strategy meeting.

What Spyder


Spyder believes in transparency in all our actions and interactions. We are happy to share everything we do with you. Digital marketing strategy and processes are not a hard science but they are not always easy to understand. We believe in taking you through the process with us and explaining why we’ve made these choices. We want our customers to feel involved at every point in our services.​


It is important to be present and reliable when you are needed the most. At Spyder, we believe in answering the call every time we are needed. A modern digital marketing agency in Thailand has to keep in mind that processes and tracking are running all the time, whether the activities are active or passive in nature. Digital marketing needs to be timely and professionally-run agencies know when to check or change important processes. Spyder aims to be reliable, considerate and present timely reports and calls whenever the need arises.​​

Part of Your Team​

Spyder’s most treasured value is the idea that every campaign is a real collaborative effort. For Spyder, client success is our success and to do that we will provide all the know-how and effort we can bring to the table. We are working with you every day of the week and we want to grow with you. We are more than a Bangkok digital agency, we are part of your team and this is valuable to us. Let’s work together for success, now and in the future.​

Digital Marketing is Inevitable and that’s

So many videos, podcasts and articles have been written about digital marketing and if the last few years are anything to go by, the growth and presence of this field is only expanding further. It has already reached a point where business genuinely need to consider digital marketing as a part of business activities.

In Thailand, digital marketing agencies have taken on every kind of client from the niche to the mainstream and every single one of these clients has had success of some kind. That’s because digital marketing genuinely has benefits that conventional marketing cannot match.

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To begin with, the consumer has changed and consumer behaviour has embraced the Internet as the best way to find products and services. Many consumer decisions begin with Internet searches or engagement through online services.

Digital marketing differs from conventional marketing in that it is more measurable, scalable and better at targeting your audience. Small businesses can invest something that fits their budget and see immediate results while larger companies can invest even more and see deeper engagement and consistent results.

A strong digital marketing strategy is now an effective and necessary part of your marketing plan. Our digital marketing agency in Bangkok will give your company a digital marketing strategy that will take you to the next level. In this age, the time to get into digital marketing is now and Spyder is ready to make it happen.

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Spyder will provide a complete and holistic SEO strategy that covers every aspect of great SEO. We want to understand your business as well as we can and see how we can present it more effectively on your website. To us, your website is the digital home of your business and it is important that people can find this easily.

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Through keyword research, making sure your website pages are optimized, tracking and reporting the changes that the strategy has made to your business, our SEO process will give you real results in a professional manner.

We don’t stop with simply improving your search rankings through search engine marketing though, as we provide you with insights on how to improve the design and content of your website to grow your organic search as well.

Pay-per-click marketing (PPC) or performance marketing is an active and integral part of the digital marketing process. Unlike a social media agency or an advertising agency in Thailand, our PPC campaigns can stretch and overlap with your overall digital marketing strategy because we believe that none of these things can happen in a vacuum.

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We will provide expertise in setting up and managing Google Ads campaigns, Remarketing, Google Display ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Marketing and Lead Generation. Each of these services provide different benefits for your digital marketing efforts and we will guide you through this process with analysis, reports and important conclusions.

Social media continues to evolve and it is important that your business evolves its approach to social media campaigns and engagement. It is still an important way for consumers to talk to brands and companies and it will continue to signal to them that you want to engage with them.

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We will ensure that your Facebook social media campaigns are handled effectively and in your brand’s very own voice. Instagram is another social media platform that we believe can become a very effective tool to show the prospective audience what the brand is all about.

Spyder offers more flexibility and understanding when it comes to social media relevance than your average social media and advertising agency in Thailand, as we will make your social media campaigns work perfectly in step with your SEO and PPC campaigns as well. Since Facebook marketing and YouTube ads are also services that we offer, we can integrate them very effectively with your social campaigns. This means you get more ROI for both your Facebook marketing and Facebook campaign will only increase and improve in performance through synergy and efficient planning.

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